Non-Profit Taxation

Although Not-For-Profit entities generally do not owe any income tax, they are required to prove as much by filing tax returns with an array of federal, state and local authorities. Government entities use these periodic filings to determine whether non-for-profit entities should be permitted to retain their tax-exempt status.

Ross & Moncure provides various services to the founders and managers of not-for-profit organizations, helping them to remain good stewards of the organization’s resources. Our team can help with administrative processes such as incorporation, registration, and determination, and can help with compliance processes such as annual tax returns and annual reports.

Our firm’s consultants prepare:

  • Form 990 – Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax
  • Form 990N – Return of Small Exempt Organization
  • Form 990EZ – Short Form Return of Exempt Organization
  • Form 990PF – Return of Private Foundation

Principal consultants: John Bamsey, Sandra K. Brown