Vacancies at Ross & Moncure
Ross & Moncure is always looking for individuals who exhibit the following qualities: (1) an attention to detail, (2) honed computer skills, (3) social skills, (4) the eagerness to learn, and (5) the ability to work without supervision or constant direction. If you think that you might be a good fit, please be in touch with us by e-mailing a CV to In addition, any unfilled vacancies with the firm will be listed below.

Internships at Ross & Moncure
Ross & Moncure offers internships year-round, both part-time and full-time. Ross & Moncure’s internship program is intended to benefit young professionals as much as the firm. Past interns have gone on to work for the World Bank, non-profit entities, investment banks, and law firms. The work that interns do during their stay is relevant to those hoping to pursue careers in public accounting, tax law, banking, or as a CFO.