Corporate and Partnership Taxation

Ross & Moncure provides highly-customized tax services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), with a focus on closely-held and pass-through entities. The firm caters to domestic entities, as well as to those expanding into or out of the United States. The firm works extensively with the US branches of foreign news outlets, authors, film and video producers, photographers, media strategy companies, medical practices, and real estate investment firms.

The firm consults on tax efficiency strategy, prepares income tax returns, and provides bookkeeping services. In addition, our firm is available to assume many administrative duties, freeing up managers to focus on core business functions. We can help you to incorporate, to register, to prepare annual and quarterly reports, and to fulfill local compliance requirements such as business personal property tax returns.

As complementary services, we process payroll, provide individual tax services for employees, and consult on intergenerational asset transfer in the case of family businesses.

Our consultants prepare:

  • Form 1120 – US Corporate Income Tax Return
  • Form 1120S – US Income Tax Return for an S Corporation
  • Form 1065 – US Return of Partnership Income
  • Form 5471 – Information Returns of US Persons with Respect to Certain Foreign Corporations
  • Form 8865 – Returns of US Persons with Respect to Certain Foreign Partnerships; and
  • Form 8858 – Information Returns of US Persons with Respect to Foreign Disregarded Entities.

Principal consultants: Sandra K. Brown, Richard Turnure, John Bamsey, Alice Orzechowski, Brian D. Davis